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[ About EduNiv ]

Connecting Schools with Parents using Cloud and Mobile platform (Android/iOS/Windows)

Simple - Multilingual

Designed for people who are even new to smart phone and comes in multiple languages

On The Go

Children information at you dispersal on you mobile devices and desktops

Rich Information

Voice & Data, GPS location, RFID presence and much richer information about your children, simply in your hands

Extensive Support

No additional software installation, dedicated support and migration assistance with ease

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[ features]


Individual marks published from a excel file for the entire school, pushed directly

Bus Tracking

GPS Tracker on every buses share the location to the parents of their kids bus location. Only School gets to see the entire fleet. Parents get Geo Fence alerts when bus reach the stop along with their live location on Google maps


Detailed CCE reports along with grades/marks on every subject/topic/sub-topic along with class best and class average to find where the child stands in the class.


Detailed timeline of every child, from entering the school till the child is picked up by the paretns. Food schedule, Medicine/Diaper/Resting details.


Multiple configurations in which parents can configure Teachers directly or just admins where in the messages are delivered to their app to get their attention.


School and class calender, with push notification for new event additions/deletions. Every invitations can be attached as photos on the calendar item.


Class homework from the class teacher. Parents who aren't using smartphones, the home work will be sent as text messages.


Ability to track/keep parents informed about the school fees and the payments along with next due dates, optional online payments and reminders


Flickr Albums for school and class photos.


Individual/Personal, Class, Bus Route specific messages from the school

Voice Message

Unlimited Data Call in Bulk from School to parent's (multiple) phone.


Online leave application, Principals/Teachers can approve reject. Leave/attendance information of kids on the finger tips. RFID/NFC based attendance.

And Many More...

App in 6 languages

Track if parents received/seen messages

Patent Pending - Intelligent SMS delivery

Attendnce reports, Grade sheets etc.

Multiple logins with approvals and 1-level hierarchy